This message was shared with us by our friends and colleagues from the ABCD Asia Pacific Network:

Dear ABCD friends and colleagues,

In following up on our brief notification of the passing of Ted Smeaton, Director of Inspiring Communities, Founding Member & Chairperson of the ABCD Asia Pacific Network, Faculty Member of the ABCD Institute of the Northwestern University, Chicago and the Principal Facilitator for the National Asset Based Community Development Facilitator’s Training Program, we would like to share a tribute and celebration of Ted’s work, passion and life.

On the 7th of August, Carolyn Smeaton, Ted’s wife advised the following on Ted’s Facebook page:

It is with immense sadness and grief that I let everyone know that Ted suddenly and unexpectedly passed away yesterday. Ted's daughters and I send our sincerest thanks and best wishes to Jim Diers who was with us at the time and was an immense support. I would like to urge everyone to hug the people they love as much as they can, and in honour of Ted to help out someone who needs assistance, in whatever way you are best able to.

Thank you for your care and support


Ted was a champion!  Of his community work, there’s not many people, who met him, who would say they didn’t leave a workshop or a conversation with Ted without discovering a piece of gold, a gem, a positive step forward in their own pursuit to inspire the people and communities around them…

To celebrate Ted’s life and the valuable contribution he has made to many people around the world, we would like to reflect on the amazing legacy he has left to us all.

Ted had over twenty years’ experience in strength based community building, organisation and policy development before establishing, his future life’s work, Inspiring Communities.  Within this twenty years, Ted was a committee member, chairperson, advisor, convener, Honorary Member, Associate, Lecturer and founding member of over 20 Boards, Councils, Centre’s and Corporations throughout Australia and more recently, the world.

Ted’s life’s work was firmly planted in the belief that everyone should feel included, safe and have a sense of belonging.  His early work in the areas of Disabilities and Indigenous communities clearly carved a path towards his future advocacy and strengths based practices work.

Ted believed in the POWER OF THE PEOPLE and enthusiastically worked towards supporting others to see and believe this power in themselves!

Ted trained, workshopped, mentored, engaged, developed, networked, implemented, facilitated, reported, reviewed, evaluated and ultimately CHANGED the way people viewed the world, for a future, where he believed,  we would all be part of a truly, inclusive society.

Ted was a bold man who willingly pushed boundaries and challenged people’s thinking when searching for answers to a range of issues in community work.  He had a great sense of humour and was more often than not, seen with a genuine smile on his face.

Whilst Ted was a sincere advocate of community well-being and a critical global thinker, above all, Ted was the beloved husband of Carolyn and father of daughters, Bec and Emma.  Ted’s family has requested that in lieu of flowers, a donation of time, money or assistance to the community organisation of your choice in honour of Ted would be appreciated. 

The legacy Ted has left us all through both his love of family and his commitment to building communities & a civil society will continue to grow – Ted will be greatly missed!

Click on this link to view a great interview Ted recorded recently about his current work and passion:


TED SMEATON 6th August 2012


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Comment by Dee Brooks on September 19, 2012 at 4:59pm

Thankyou, Deb!

Much appreciated - Ted will be greatly missed...


Dee Brooks


ABCD Asia Pacific Network


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